NW Health Services Inc opened it’s doors with a few goals in mind. One major goal was to provide medicines at an affordable donation rate and we have had great success so far with this one. Another goal was to establish an environment that’s safe, comfortable, and welcoming to all. Last but not least was our goal to educate all interested. Education is key to moving forward.

about1Affordable Medicines

The growers involved with our program understand the importance of getting medicines to patients in need. We and our patient members are truly grateful for all you do. However, not just any grower is allowed to be involved in our program. We screen all medicines right in front of each grower before anything is stored at our facility. If we detect any suspect medicines, we don’t accept the medicine. With this process in place we have established a very professional list of growers that work with us and this helps achieve our over all goal of quality for low donations.



about3Safe Access

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was approved by the voters of the state in November 1998. It was established to protect medical marijuana users who comply with its requirements from state criminal prosecution for production, possession or delivery of a controlled substance. However, found within the OMMP Handbook, the OMMP states the following, ” The OMMP does not have a referral list for people who want to be caregivers or growers for patients.” Also stated,” the OMMP is not a resource for the growing process and does not have information about where to get the seeds or plants to start growing medical marijuana.” With these limitations, it can be quite difficult finding a grower to grow your medicine for you. From that, it’s obvious to see that there’s a need to safely access your medicine.


First off we are not attorneys and everything found on here or heard from us at the shop should be taken as such. With that being said, there is so much to learn about the OMMP and the laws governing our lives. We have dedicated a wall in our facility to education and current events regarding marijuana in Oregon. There are many great organizations out there to get involved. First to mention would have to be SSDP. These people are the real deal. Found on their website:

“Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.”

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